The Story behind the board “Things I Won’t Do”.

What I really enjoy about Pinterest is the wealth of great
pictures. The more I use Pinterest the more I realize that there is a lot more
to it than visual entertainment. It is a great place to go looking for new
ideas. People are so creative and clever. It is fun to see how others have come
up with ways to reuse or repurpose what used to be junk. It seems that the more
Pinterest has grown, the more uses for it people have come up with. I chose to
try to showcase my quirky sense of humor.

One day as I was looking for images for one of my nature
boards, I came across a picture of a bunch of tents hanging off the face of a
huge cliff. These were extremely high and seemly hanging by teeny tiny pieces of hardware pounded into the rock face of the cliff. I all could think was that
there was no way I would ever do that. I didn’t even like looking at the
picture. My own fears drove me to create “Things I won’t do”.  It was this board that really started
to generate comments on my pictures. I guess I am not the only one who doesn’t
want to kiss a venomous snake on the head or jump out of a perfectly good
airplane. Here is a tip for you. If you ever see me putting on a parachute in
an airplane…You may want to do the same and get out of there yourself.

 Many of the
earlier images on this board were rock climbers and window washers on
skyscrapers. There a few of people eating bugs and other gross things.
Construction workers working high up on steel beams with no safety equipment
provided lots of material as well. The picture of people working as armpit
sniffers raised the bar for this new board as this picture was repulsive enough
to generate several comments.

Red Bull has created a whole new industry out of crazy
stunts. They have turned daredevil behavior into competitions. It seems that
extreme sports keep getting more extreme and humans continue to push the
boundaries of sanity. Thanks for all the great images Red Bull.

“Things I Won’t Do” has been a really fun board for me, I
hope you enjoy it too.

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Meet the Dan behind Dan330. He started a Pinterest account in December 2011 while off on a leave from his day job as a captain on an Airbus A330. While traveling the world, Dan practiced his longtime hobby of photography and developed his eye for natural beauty and appreciation of great photography. Continuing his love of exploration and great pictures, Dan added Pinterest to his daily routine; especially during the long Minnesota winters. His eye for great photography was recognized by the Pinterest community and in just under one year, Dan330 had attracted over one million followers. Dan and his wife Laurie have three children, seven grandchildren and two grand puppies. When not pinning, Dan loves to travel and participate in just about any outdoor activity. There are a few exceptions to this, but to find out what they are you have to go to the Dan330 board dedicated to “Things he won’t do”.