A Day Trip To Rustic Gardens

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Rustic Gardens located in Hastings, MN and is a treasure to visit. I went on a day trip down the St. Croix River Valley and just had to stop. Even my kids had a great time poking around the flowers and playing on the property.

The Rustic Garden experience starts when you exit the highway and drive about half of a mile down a dirt road. When you arrive at their driveway, you will be invited by a wonderful looking garden with a giant labyrinth. When we stopped by, they invited us to walk in it and try to solve the puzzle. It was a kick!  Then they had other garden areas that were a mix between a shopping area and a display.

I was really impressed at the variety of fun flowers they had. I bought a Yucca and a Cardinal Flower and some hybridized echinacia and they transplanted wonderfully. These are not usually plants you will be able find at the big box stores and it sure is fun watching how someone with some vision put it together at their shop.


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