Great River Road 4: Little Falls to Mpls

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Great River Road 4: Little Falls to Mpls

This is a series about riding the Great River Road the length of the Mighty Mississippi River. This post starts in Little Falls, MN.

On the banks of the Mississippi River, close to downtown St. Cloud are the 20 acres of Munsinger & Clemens Gardens.  The Clemens Gardens are formal with structure and sculpture, in six separate geometric plots and are located farthest from the river up on the old riverbank.


The Munsinger Gardens are located below, next to the Mississippi and provide a wonderful view of the river in a more relaxed atmosphere of winding paths.  The historic cabin was a delight.


Munsinger River Cabin Window

Munsinger River Cabin

Munsinger Gardens


Click Munsinger & Clemens Gardens for another post about this beautiful garden.  The St. Cloud area is host to a college, SCSU, St. John’s University, a Benedictine Monestary and the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library where the first handwritten manuscript of the Bible since the creation of the printing press resides.   The St. John’s Bible is amazing to view personally and is an artistic and inspirational masterpiece created by calligraphers/artists.  You can view some of the giclee prints from the Bible at Vine & Branches Gallery, and greeting cards here.

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