Great River Road 5: Hometown St. Paul

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Now that we have the aerial overview of St. Paul, the cathedral and the capital, let’s go down to river level and see what’s happening. Harriet Island is where the paddleboats dock and you can take an hour and a half cruise on the river from the High Bridge to Fort Snelling  This is the Jonathan Padelford, an authentic stearnwheeler built in 1969 at the Dubuque Boat & Boiler Co. in Dubuque, Iowa.  It’s steam propulsion system has been replaced by a more efficient hydraulic pressure system.  Maybe we’ll have to check out the company who built this when we reach Dubuque.



Crossing the Mississippi to the downtown side of St. Paul you find a family friendly riverfront area with paved paths, parks, fountains and sculpture.  Looks like a beautiful place to call home.













The Science Museum of Minnesota is perched on the high riverbank on the north side. See the tugboat right above the Science Museum sign outside?  That’s the Charles E., the centerpiece for the museums Mississippi exhibit.

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