Great River Road 5: Hometown St. Paul

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Further down, is a section of the river full of transportation.  Here the railroad, barges and boats, meet at the downtown St. Paul Airport which is at river level.  Dan used to fly seaplanes into St. Paul on the river, which was always a little nerve-wracking as there is a lot of stuff floating on this moving water way.  I hope you get a sense that this is a hub for shipping by truck, rail and water, with a little aeronautics over the top.




To complete our short tour of St. Paul, we’ll go Upstream a couple of miles to historic Fort Snelling, the junction of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers.  Built in the early 1800’s, Fort Snelling is on the National Historic Register, and offers educational tours and events at this place of social, cultural and military meeting.






Fort Snelling


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