10Alike.com – A new way of finding, sharing, and organizing the web.

Most of you have probably never heard of 10Alike.com. It is a new social media that launched this Monday. Why do you need to be part of this?  First of all, it is a great way to collect, store, and organize everything you find online, regardless of the format of the content. Second, it is a fun, and interactive way of discovering content organized by humans, not computers. Find something you like, and you get a whole list of similar content served to you through that alike. We have already set up Alikes for:

  • Fall Drinks
  • Gardening
  • Fall Decoration
  • Leadership Resources,
  • Music Playlists
  • and much more.

The content will continue to evolve and provide you, the user, a continuously updated resource for the things you like.

There are constantly new sites popping up on the web. Most of the time they are inspired by good ideas and have big intentions. But, 10Alike has the potential to be huge. With several social media influencers already signed up, this site could launch itself into the millions of participants quickly, placing it on a path to be one of the next major players in the social media arena. Poking around the followers on this site, we found well over a reach of 10,000,000 people already. Even if a small percentage of this reach signs up, there will be plenty of members to build an active, vibrant, and interesting community.

Don’t forget to follow Dan330 on 10alike when you sign up: http://www.10alike.com/dan330

Take a sneak peak at the fall drink recipe Alike I set up yesterday: Here’s one cool point to make. This is a dynamic alike that will have the best trending fall drinks so it may be different, and improved the next time you look.

The Alike is here: http://www.10alike.com/alike/wHd1svgJMT/fall-beverages

Here is an example of what you will see there:

Here are some other’s you may like as well:

This recipe is in my soup alike: http://www.10alike.com/alike/4ttcpJU15N/soup

Check out this exciting new site. I promise it is worth your time to do a little exploring.

One Minute Video Recipes

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