Pinehaven Pumpkin Patch and Farm

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Harvest season is a beautiful time to visit your local farm. Many are set up for visitors and will have a lot to do for you when you arrive. I took my family to Pinehaven Farm, in Wyoming, MN to see the Pinehaven pumpkin patch.


We have a great time any time we visit the Pinehaven pumpkin patch. Kids can run around climb on stuff and explore. There are several farms you can visit, but here are five reasons to choose Pinehaven:

1. The Pumpkin Cannon.

IMG_0074 IMG_0087

Obviously this is cool. Who doesn’t want something that shoots a pumpkin hundreds of yards? When we were there, we got to see the cannon shoot  once. You can choose to pile on a pirate ship deck and watch the pumpkins fly by your head, or you can watch from the firing line. They do a big countdown and  then you hear a big Poom! and a big ol’ pumpkin flies through the air only to meet its ultimate death as it explodes into the ground and all the kids scream and cheer.

2. The Snow-fence maze.


If you aren’t from the north, a snow fence is the orange plastic fence that is sometimes run by highways to make the snow drift off the the freeway. They used it here to make a maze. It was like a corn maze without the possibility of actually getting lost. Plus, when the kids have enough, they can crawl under and get out.

3. The Giant Slides.


Pinhaven pumpkin patch has rigged some major piping together to make some awesome slides. By the fourth or fifth trip climbing up the kids get tired and start to mind. They were fun as an adult, and we still let the baby go by herself too.

4. The Animals.

IMG_0052 IMG_0119

IMG_0115 IMG_0067

The farm had a bunch of fun animals. Friendly goats, Emus, Peacock, Sheep, and Yacks were the favorites. As always, there are machines that dispense food at gourmet prices that you can feed the animals, but after a few quarters, you’re like hey, these are goats and they eat everything so you feed them leaves off the ground for free and have just as much fun. One thing that Pinehaven does really well is provide real sinks, and lots of them, to wash hands.

5. The Animatronics.


Hokey or not, these were a big hit with the little ones. There are several sites where you can interact and enjoy these (are they puppets? robots?). Whatever. If you like bad jokes and talking chickens, you’re in luck.


Bottom line, this is worth your time to drive to Wyoming, MN. The dive is very easy from the Twin Cities area. It is clean, the people are friendly, and you and your kids will have a lot of fun. Besides the five highlights above, the farm is decorated nicely, and there are a lot of other small attractions spotted throughout the property.

For more information on Pinhaven, visit their site here:

If you are looking for more ideas of what you can do, visit and zoom into your area.

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