DIY Turkey Feather Wreath for Fall

DIY Turkey Feather Wreath

This post will show you how we made a DIY turkey feather wreath. We have had lots of turkeys around our house for a few years so there has been no shortage of feathers. It was great fun for our grandchildren to collect feathers for this project.
diy turkey feather wreath
The turkeys left us a few feathers quickly collected by the grand kids, so when Fall came upon us and we needed a wreath for the front door, voila!  What better than a turkey wreath?  Boy turkeys aren’t very nice, they’re either fighting each other or strutting around looking for attention.  Thankfully their feathers are beautiful, and come thanksgiving, there better be one roasting in the oven.

diy turkey feather wreath


With materials collected, and glue gun hot, the wreath took form in a couple of hours. Make sure you cover the foam wreath on the back with just leaves in case you hang in on a window.

diy turkey feather wreath

Simply Fall


diy turkey feather wreath





That’s all for today.  Have fun collecting and creating your own wreath for the Fall holidays.

Until next project,



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