10 Best Honeymoon Destinations In The World

November 30, 2013 Dan Ashbach 1

Honeymoons are a special time for newlyweds. This is the period when you get to abandon all other cares in the world and devote yourselves entirely to enjoying each other’s company. While love can certainly be enjoyed wherever you are, there are certain…

Zanzibar: The African Island

November 29, 2013 Dan Ashbach 0

I had never seen a Maasai warrior dance until I came to Zanzibar. He was jumping up and down, like they do in their tradition, to a 50 Cent song, and he seemed to be enjoying himself. It wasn’t exactly what I imagined when I thought of a Maasai warrior…

Holiday Crafts: Create an Adorable Scrabble Ornament

November 29, 2013 Chris 0

It’s never too early to make some holiday crafts like adorable scrabble ornaments! Since I have my own craft booth at a local antique store, it’s already time to prepare Christmas crafts and decor. I’ve shared how to make a Christmas sign with…

The Secret To Killer Social Media Content

November 29, 2013 Chris 0

SourceWhen the Internet first took off among ordinary computer users, businesses were slow to react. Many of the largest businesses were caught flat footed, unable to even secure a good domain name or communicate effectively with their customers. We…

Holiday Craft How-to: DIY Gift Candles

November 29, 2013 Chris 0

After a little too much time on Pinterest this past weekend, the wife and I decided to try our hands at making a few DIY gift candles for some of our friends and family. I can’t say the project was a complete success (more on that in a minute), but…


November 28, 2013 Faye Day 0

By Faye Day Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving Day…   …read more Source: Art-spired


November 27, 2013 Deirdre Olson 0

By Deirdre Olson Thanks to Ann Voskamp, I have recently come to know this wonderful word. It is about thankfulness and grace and joy. To […]