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We enjoy cooking and DIY projects like a lot of other people who blog. Many hours are spent searching Pinterest and other social media looking for inspiration. Being human we tend to only show our very best success stories. For a change of pace we would like to share a few of the more interesting fails we have come across. If you have never stepped out of your comfort zone and tried doing something new, you may not fully appreciate the humor in other people’s complete failures. The ability to duplicate a clever idea or good looking recipe is just not there for everyone, so enjoy these fails….but be kind, at least they tried.

The fails in this post came from a Pinterest board appropriately called Fails by Lovering Lake.

Baking bread can be very rewarding. When you walk into a bakery, the smells alone can get your juices flowing and your anticipation high. Trying to duplicate a seasonal recipe and then trying to make it look like something recognizable is an under appreciated skill. For example, check out this attempt at “Golden Santa Bread”. This poor person spent all that time preparing the recipe, following every step with great accuracy. The bread goes in the oven, the kitchen smells great and when the the timer goes off, then they open the oven door and they see their masterpiece:


Poor Santa looks more like a mutated ET.

Every Wednesday a local restaurant features a kids eat free night. My wife (Harley Grandma) and I have gotten into the habit of taking one of our grandchildren there for dinner each week for some one on one time. It has really been a great experience for the kids as well as the grandparents. They love the attention they get without siblings and they almost always order the Mickey Mouse pancakes. What kid wouldn’t enjoy the Mickey Mouse pancakes? I have often considered trying this when we have had sleep overs but after seeing this disaster I think I will leave the fancy cooking to the pros.


My daughter is a Kindergarten teacher and my wife is a jeweler. There has always been a lot of craft projects and art happening at our house. My wife has even turned one of our extra bedrooms into a craft room. Our oldest granddaughter loves to do crafts when she comes over to our house. When I saw this next disaster I had to laugh because this is one of those projects I have seen and thought, what can go wrong? Now I know. I will probably take a pass on this one.


Part of blogging is knowing a little about photography. Media today is so visual. Sites like Pinterest have raised the bar on imagery. Adding good quality photos to your post is harder than it looks. Trying to recreate a photo image we have seen when we try to duplicate a project can be very tricky. When you see a post by us you only see a few of the very best attempts, not the dozens of rejects that we have to sort through. I have seen many variations of this next fail on Pinterest. Taking great photos of stationary objects is hard enough. Trying to catch this action shot requires above average photography skills.


This next one hit a little too close to home. My wife actually sells a finger print kit that she then casts and turns into a necklace or charm bracelet for the customer. She spent many hours trying to find the right wax or silver clay to take fingerprints. Her kit was the result of many hours and attempts to get it right. We personally know that this one is harder to get right than it looks. This fail uses dough? to make fingerprints.


Here a few more for you:





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That’s all for now. Have a great day and get out there and try something new!



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