A Vacation For The Price of Airfare!?

How did I go on vacation for the price of airfare? It was easy. I did a home exchange.

I recommend using HomeExchange.com. They have a huge selection of homes in 150 countries in their network.

Because members are exchanging homes, you have plenty of opportunities to be introduced to and vet potential exchangers. Regardless of the kind of vacation you want, the huge variety of homes offers everything from trendy to relaxing.

Here’s how my vacation broke out: I am sure I saved thousands of dollars.

  • Airfare for my wife and I = $450
  • Hotel Rental = $0
  • Car Rental = $0; we decided to add our cars to the exchange too, I got a Mercedes.
  • Food = Negligible. Because I was in a house, we cooked in.

How was the exchange? Awesome. Look at this living room!



Our Deck!


We also got to have a lot of fun just a short drive away too. Here are my “bloggels” (blog models) at B.R. Cohn:


Unfortunately, we had to come home. But I did get to blogging about our trip a bit on the plane.


Do you know what it would cost to rent a hotel in San Francisco for three nights in their peak season? Not only did we get accommodations, we got a house! Three bedrooms, kitchen, deck, DirectTV, Internet, and a Mercedes. Try renting a facility like that for less than thousands of dollars.

Home exchanges are a great way to vacation cheap, but not have a cheap vacation. Check out HomeExchange.com for your vacation planning.


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