Bam! Shotgun Shell Wreath.

This shotgun shell wreath is smokin’ hot!!!!

They are an excellent craft, but not for the rookie crafter. Plus, you have to find the right kind of shotgun shell. Not all are translucent, and not all will fit LED’s. If you prefer I sell them for $120 (and I sell a lot of them). email to order. Or go to Etsy here:¬†

If you dare, you can make your own shotgun shell wreath. It is a fun project and will take about four hours (I’m not kidding, there are 150 lights that need to be handled 2-3 times each).

Here’s what you need:

  • 2 strings of about 75 LED lights. I chose multi-color, you can choose all white too.
  • a bag of black zip ties
  • red shotgun shells. I have used other colors with varied results. I only sell red now.
  • green twine
  • 14 inch wreath


webIMG_2376 webIMG_2378

Start by laying out the two strings of lights around the wreath, to get an idea of the density of the lights in the wreath. Then start poking each LED through the wire frame. I take about every tenth one and zip tie it to the frame to get those set. Then I work in the others around it.


As you work each light in, I gently wrap the twine around the wreath. To start the twine, simply tie a know to the frame and start wrapping. Can’t you just imagine how the shotgun shell wreath is going to come together now?


Then, when all of the lights are in place, it is time to tighten the wreath up. Take some zip ties and start randomly tightening the wires and the frame together. Compare the picture above to the picture below. See how much better the one below looks where I started the zip ties?


I like to do more twine again. Wrap the wreath a few more times with more twine:



Now, start adding the shotgun shells.

webIMG_2391 webIMG_2392 webIMG_2396

When all of the lights are covered by the shotgun shells, your shotgun shell wreath is done. You can plug it in and hang it. Or, give it to your favorite outdoorsman as a gift.

webIMG_2397 webIMG_2399 webIMG_2402 webIMG_2403 webIMG_2405 webIMG_2406 webIMG_2407 webIMG_2408 webIMG_2410 webIMG_2415



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