Best Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

You can’t avoid having Thanksgiving leftovers. It seems that no matter how much we eat there is always more. Short of your guests grabbing ziplock bags and leaving with all of your food, you have some leftovers you have have to deal with.

Before we begin, don’t forget to read this slideshow by BuzzFeed: 17 Thanksgiving Turkey Mistakes Everyone Makes

Here are our  10 favorite Thanksgiving leftover recipes:

Now, that you cooked your turkey the right way, here are our top 10 picks for what you can do with the leftovers:

10: Leftover Thanksgiving Hash from

9: Turkey Soup with Stuffing Dumplings from

8: Thanksgiving Pizza from

7: Turkey Tortilla Soup

6: Thanksgiving Mac n Cheese

5: Turkey and Havarti Sandwich

4: Smoked Turkey Blue Cheese Bites

3: Turkey, Brie and Peach Panini (Personally, I would add bacon to this)

2: Turkey Cranberry & Boursin Grilled Cheese

1: Turkey & Stuffing Turnover

What do you do for thanksgiving leftovers? Tell us on our Facebook page. We’ll pick our favorite and blog about it!

One Minute Video Recipes

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