Christmas Decoration Fails – Part 1

We survived Thanksgiving and if you were one of the smart ones in the northern latitudes you got all your decorations for Christmas in place before it started getting cold. This weekend we got a short break from the cold so at our house we got out and cobbled together our humble lighting display.

I was at a big box store last night because I was short one photo electric timer for our lights. People we crawling and pushing and shoving to get at the Christmas lights and decorations. So much for Minnesota nice and Christmas spirit. All I could think of was that most of these people had to go to work the next day and they missed their opportunity to get their Christmas lights up before Winter kicks into high gear this week in Minnesota. The forecast is for rain turning to snow for a couple of days and then into the deep freeze we go by Friday. We’re talking about -10 degrees Friday night.

Why do I obsess about the weather? Because I have been known to put off decorating until it gets nasty cold so I know the problems these people face. It’s hard to work with your hands when you have big bulky gloves on. You usually end up taking off the gloves to work. It doesn’t take long for your hands to get stiff and cold and stop working. Of course, now you are in a hurry to get the lights up and that’s when you make mistakes and take short cuts. You often don’t realize what you have done until you go inside and turn the lights on for the first time when it gets dark out.

So in the spirit of being in a hurry and making mistakes, we spent a little time looking for some Decoration Fails to share with you. We came across Photos are courtesy of

Here are some of our favorites. This first one is a great example of why you should not get in a hurry to just get the lights up. You need to consider what things will look like when it gets dark. In this case the shadows send a mixed message.



That was a little dark and leads us to the next fail we liked. In the last decade inflatable decorations have become very popular. Of course when the power is turned off the inflatables collapse and in the day time they could make your yard look more like a crime scene than a festive home. Check this out:



There is always those people who do like to be different so they put a little twist on their display. This first one is sending a message to Santa’s reindeer not to do their duty on the roof.



You may have to be a deer hunter to get that one. This next one is just in your face, but even Santa needs to go sometimes.



Nativities are very popular Christmas displays but this next fail seems to have missed something. Really? A beer box manger scene?



Some of us have THAT guy who lives in the neighborhood who has to outdo everyone. We like the sense of humor this next fail has:



We’ll have more fails coming up soon. In the mean time go to for decorating and holiday food and beverage ideas.

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