This HOPE … this Advent

This HOPE … this Advent

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Finding HOPE is in Christ Jesus and who he is, what he offers and what he has done for us.

Consider the candle
I love having candles about our home — to enjoy …
• at the dinner table – leftovers are especially good in the ambiance of candle light.
• when I feel stressed – the light is calming
• the glow around the coffee table with friends – great.
• in daylight, but especially in dusk or darkness – the warm glow and dispelling of darkness is comforting

I don’t always think of candles … in this light … but now, preparing for Christmas …
in this Advent season … I think of Christ Jesus’ presence and the worshipful mood
of candlelight. I could think “Advent” and “Jesus is present” … and maybe have… an inner glow, outer glow, an Advent outlook every day!




We begin the first Sunday of this Advent season by lighting the candle of HOPE.
This HOPE invites us to prepare our hearts and wait expectantly for the coming of Christ Jesus.
This HOPE invites us to worship the Christ of CHRISTmas.
This HOPE makes every day an advent, the waiting for him, the inviting in to our heart and life … again… and waiting for his coming … again.



This HOPE shows us our God who came not to be served, but to serve, offering abundant life  to all who say ‘yes’.

Life Abundant


This HOPE gives us confidence to know we are very precious to him –  loved so very much by him.

Precious Love


This HOPE shows us God and his Son Jesus, who came to show us that love so great, nothing can separate us from the love. When we feel pressed and despairing by the darkness around, looking to him gives courage and strength because we learn he shares our experience, walks with us, walks before us, walks behind us.

Love of God


This HOPE calls us to be faith full knowing this hope does not disappoint us because,
out of his great love, he sent the Holy Spirit to help us.

Rejoice & Hope


This HOPE invites accepting! Know this Love that Came Down offering himself to each of us.

Love Came Down A


This HOPE says “Come!” Know our Lord Jesus, who is fully God and fully human. God showed his true greatness by sending his own Son
into the mess of struggling humanity in order to set it right – redeem, rescue, ransom. 



May this HOPE illuminate your life and be cause for and source of much Advent anticipation!

Judy Dodds

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