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I want to tell you about Repost, the best way to syndicate content. First, I will introduce you to the problem with content sharing, introduce you to RePost, and then give my opinion; that this is a win-win program.

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The Problem with Publishers and Aggregators

Are you a blogger or publisher? Are you concerned about your content being copied without your permission? Are you worried about the Google Authorship and duplicate content issues? Are you looking for new advertising revenue? Do you want to know how to properly syndicate content? We all want credit for our work, and we all want to make money from our efforts. After all, we work hard to write good articles and we want to enjoy the rewards from it.

Thankfully there is a growing understanding that distribution is key to being successful. If nobody reads our work, there really isn’t any value there. I was talking to a writer about a month ago trying to work out some sort of arrangement with him for one of my blogs. He told me I could use his content for $1,000 per month. The moment he gave me a price I knew this deal was D.O.A. Normally, I get paid for allowing someone to post on my blogs. Clearly we were’t going to work anything out. It’s too bad. He has great content, and I have a great reach. We both could have done well just working together for free. I would have had good content for my readers and produced tens of thousands of click-throughs to him. He would have also reached 1.8 million people through my network, 99% who have probably never seen his work. But he had to get paid for his writing. Because of this he makes $0 on the deal, gets 0 pageviews, and makes $0 on advertising revenue while I miss content and my readers miss the opportunity to be introduced to this great writer.  We all lose.

Even when we get past the money issues, there are other concerns writers and bloggers have: Does duplicate content hurt my SEO? Who gets credit for the writing? Who gets the ad revenue on the distribution of my work? Thankfully there is a very simple solution that solves every one of these issues. I’ll explain it in the next section but  before I tell you about it, think about this first: Ten years ago, video producers were saying the same things bloggers and writers are saying today. It’s my work. I made it. I own it. You can’t use it without paying for it. Well, we all know what happened when YouTube came along. We learned that by making really good content and giving it away for free we made a ton of money!  We got to split advertising revenue with YouTube, and we got to have our message placed all over the world by anyone who thought it was relevant. Today we design videos to go viral because it reaches millions of people (some who begin to follow us) and we make a lot of money from it … Paradoxically, the solution to protecting our income is giving our product away for free.

RePost is the solution for bloggers and writers. It does the same thing for writing and blog content that YouTube does for Video. If you see a repost button on my articles, it’s because I want you to use all of that content for free and spread it to as many networks as you are hooked into. That is far more valuable than the content itself. That’s why virtually nobody hosts video outside of YouTube or its competitors today. Here’s what says about itself:

How Repost Solves This Problem

For Content Creators / Publishers / Writers:

1. RePost is a wire service for the web and is a perfect content marketing platform and to syndicate content.

2. “Instantly syndicate your full articles with original branding, attribution, and ads directly onto other sites”

3. Place up to two ads with your own ad script (including Google Adsense) into each post providing you with new advertising income.

4. Your content is embedded into other sites through scripts, just like YouTube embeds video. This means:

  • You can edit your work anytime and it will be updated to every syndicate within 10 minutes
  • You retain your Google Authorship
  • There is no duplicate content
  • You, as the author, get credit for the page views in your analytics.

For Aggregators / Bloggers / Websites / Influencers / and others who want content:

1. You get fully licensed content you can post and share for free.

2. You get more traffic to your site as you publish more articles. Research shows that post frequency increases traffic to your site. Traffic to your site means more readers, more followers, and more advertising revenue (

3. Your own ads (outside of the post) will get more impressions as your traffic goes up meaning more ad revenue for you.

My Opinion

I have recently been using RePost and I am absolutely thrilled with it!  In the first week, I wrote two articles and 18 other bloggers shared them. I have been getting credit for my work and seeing my page views grow. I have also been sharing other content from RePosts easy -to-use WordPress plugin and driven thousands of page views to other writers. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use of the the plug in, and by the pageviews it has driven through my site. I have doubled my page views on one of my smaller blogs in 2 weeks. I doubt this is typical, but holy cow. What a great program!

How would this work with my example of the writer I was talking about in the beginning? I think it would work very well. My good articles get 150,000+ page views over the first few months. If he used repost I would have gotten to count all those page views for myself and he would have gotten page views too (Google analytics are usually in the header of a page so the page gets a view, and then the article get’s one as the repost script pulls it). We both get great increases to our readership and it is up to each of us to sell ads on our own work establishing the real value of work.

There is a reason major publishers like Christian Science Monitor, The Economist, PR Newswire, Fox Sports, and others are supplying their articles to RePost. They know the value of syndicating content. Even the major publishers are hopping on this train and I think it is going to accelerate as people find out about this service.

Please check out and don’t forget to SHARE MY ARTICLES!!!! SYNDICATE MY CONTENT!

Thanks for reading!

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