LEGO Minifigure Christmas Card from Dan330

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Oh my Gosh!  I just made the funniest family portrait at LEGO Minifigure Family

I showed the kids and they were totally excited too. My favorite part was when my girls were arguing about what color hair they should have. I ended up giving Estella a pink hairdo and Reagan got a stocking hat for the Christmas season. 

We had a lot of fun building our minifigure family together. There were a bunch of options for each part of the body. Johnnie wanted to be half chicken and half abominable snow man. Jack got to be a Ninja with a dragon on his chest, and Mom and Dad pretty much look like that in real life. There had to be thousands of different combinations to choose from. Your kids will love having fun with this tool too. 

After we built each other, we ended up picking a winter scene. I wanted to the sunny beach or at least a cozy living room with a fireplace, but the kids thought our minifigures should freeze out on a lake just like in our family picture below. I think Reagan just liked the LEGO penguins walking around in the scene. 

The whole process was simple and fun. I am sure my daughter will be printing off all sorts of pictures she builds tonight with the minifigures so she can bring some to her friends at school. 

Make your minifigure family at and share with us! 

Have a great Christmas everybody!

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