Easy Christmas Mixed Drink

This easy Christmas mixed drink is super simple to make. Hosting company, dealing with family and the busyness of the season is enough to deal with. You can make this easy Christmas mixed drink in 1…2…3.

easy christmas mixed drink

You need three things: Vodka, sparkling water, and pomegranate juice.

In a tumbler or glass, pour equal parts of the three over ice. Bam! You are done.

You might burn the Christmas ham, but you can’t screw this easy christmas mixed drink up. And if your company complains, just make them another one.

If you do want to make it a little fancier, go out get yourself some pomegranates. You can easily peel out some of the colorful and tasty fruit from the inside and  float them in the glass. For other garnish ideas use some mint or some rosemary.

This would also work as a punch. Just mix take larger portions of each of the ingredients and mix them in a bowl. But, I would take some and make an ice ring with a bundt pan and freeze it first. If you decide to do this, take a bundt pan, pour in some sliced fruit. Oranges, apples and pomegranate would be great for this mix. Then freeze it overnight. Simply take it out, put it in a punch bowl that will hold it and let the ice float in the simple Christmas mixed drink.

Merry Christmas Everyone!



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