Hot Holiday Drinks

The kids are out of school. Many of us are out of work….. using personal days. Take this opportunity to get those kids outside and  go do something with them besides play video games. Be a kid again. Go skating. Go sliding or make a snowman. It’s fun to have fun. Show those little darlings what life was like before be we were all held hostage by smart phones and ipads.

When you are good and cold and it’s time to come in, here are a few beveage suggestions for the adults to warm up with. These come to us from Buzzfeed.

Hmmm Rum…. Maybe you’re not in the Caribbean but you can still enjoy the liquor of the islands. How about Hot Buttered Rum?


Here’s the full recipe: Hot Buttered Rum.

I had never tried Hot Gin Punch before I saw this on Pinterest. This is a great idea for entertaining too. The punch gives you an opportunity to get out some of that glassware that we sometimes forget we have. You can create a nice atmosphere along with the great aroma you get from simmering this punch.


For the full recipe: Hot Gin Punch

Are you Scandinavian? Then you probably have had this one. My first experience with Glogg was in Stockholm just before Christmas a few years ago. I was in Sweden with one of my sons who was playing in a bandy tournament. My mother was Swedish and she had several relatives I had never met so I took the train to Stockholm to get a 30 hour high speed tour of relatives. What I didn’t know was that Glogg was a very important drink to the Swedes. Each home I visited I was presented with a large cup of Glogg. It was kind of like a competition to see which one had the BEST glogg.  Keep in mind I was jet lagged, sleep deprived from chaperoning a bunch of 15 year old boys and now I was drinking very strong alcoholic glogg drinks. I must have made quite an impression on my Swedish relatives because they have never invited me back.   I am sure they thought their American relatives were boring wimps.

Anyway, if you are a Scandinavian wanna be you have to try this:


For the full recipe go to: Glogg 

One last Hot Holiday Drink offering. This one is definitely sweeter than the others so be careful. It goes down pretty easy.

Hot Peppermint Patty


For the full recipe go to: Hot Peppermint Patty

As always enjoy these suggestions responsibly. Have a safe and Merry Christmas.

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