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From Christmas trees to carols, every family has their own Christmas traditions. I shared some of the Dan330 family traditions. Tell us what yours are below in the comments and don’t forget to share this article and follow us!

First, I am starting with a tradition that makes for a good activity all year round; a bonfire.

winter fire from Dan 330 on Vimeo.

Not all Christmas traditions are old, sometimes we start new ones. Here’s one we started a couple years ago. Our kids have fallen in love with the elf on the shelf. His name is Buddy, and every morning my four kiddos walk upstairs and poke around looking for him. For about a month leading up to Christmas, we are woken up by our kids yelling “I found him! He’s over here!” It’s so cute. When the kids go to sleep Buddy seems to get into a little trouble. Here he is enjoying a hot tub with some of the girls’ dolls.


We had to separate them. We put Buddy outside … but it snowed on him and he almost got lost.

webIMG_0029 IMG_0238

My favorite, and arguably the most famous Christmas tradition is the Christmas tree. Every year, we pick a Christmas tree and we decorate it as a family. I let the kids pick out their favorite ornaments to show you today. Understand that with young kids there is nothing below three feet at our house and hopefully in another five years we can bring out our nice ornaments. Until then, it’s StarWars, Lord Stanley’s Cup, and Surfin’ Santa Clause.

webIMG_3376 webIMG_0231 webIMG_0037 webIMG_0041 webIMG_0030 webIMG_0034

Another Christmas tradition is the home decor. Here are some fun things we did this year: A Dala Horse, a Tomte (Swedish troll – you might have figured out we are Swedes by now), handblown glass Christmas trees, and colorful bulbs and lights.



christmas decoration glass christmas tree webIMG_0413 christmas bulbs christmas lights in snow

I just love the colors around Christmas. It is such a great contrast to the white winter wonderland we have to live our everyday lives in during late December.

Last but not least, the tastiest Christmas tradition is the food. There was really too much to take pictures of, but here are a couple of samples.

webIMG_0501 webIMG_0286 webIMG_0182 webIMG_0083 webIMG_0077 webIMG_0071

What are your families Christmas traditions? Please let us know below!



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