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When our grandkids come over, one of the most popular toys we have available is a box of wooden blocks. You know, the blocks with letters and numbers and  a picture of an animal or two. My youngest granddaughters can sit and stack them for a long time. They love the interaction with adults and trying to say the name of the letter or number on the block.

I am telling you this because I came across a company that still hand makes this kind of quality wood product. They specialize in puzzles and other wood games and furnature that are customized with the child’s name right on them. It is fun to see a another generation enjoying some of the same games and toys that we grandparents used to play with. When we at Dan330 come across a company like this we like to share the good news with our readers.


Here is a little more about the company and it’s products by Randy of You Name it Toys:



Hello from all of us at You Name It Toys.  Like you, we have special children in our lives that love to learn and have fun. As we watched our children grow, learn, and develop as individuals, we noticed that when they played with puzzles, the activity held their attention and it involved us in their playtime. We saw how excited they became when they learned basic shapes, colors, and letters through the process of completing a task.  As they mastered the simpler ones, we introduced puzzles with greater complexity and more/smaller pieces.  As a result, our children received the following benefits:

• Hand-eye coordination by grasping and placement of puzzle pieces
• Knowledge of various shapes and sizes
• Problem solving skills when they master the assembly of each puzzle
• Sense of pride in a job well-done, enhancing self-confidence/self-image
• Enhanced memory capabilities, as they recall what they did and learned
• An understanding of the concept of sequencing in puzzle piece placement
• Recognition of various colors
• Identification of objects, animals, and other puzzle contents


We got into this business with the basic purpose of providing that creative outlet for other children, their parents, and caregivers. We also care as much about developing minds through puzzle play as we do about the safety of our products.  That’s why every puzzle and stool is handcrafted, hand-sanded, sized safe for even the smallest children and brightly colored with non-toxic paints.


All of our 9″ x 11″ Name and Theme/Picture puzzles can be made into a puzzle stool, or hang on a wall as a decoration without the pieces falling out. And our puzzle stools provide so many different uses. We also make educational puzzles, such as US Map Puzzles, Alphabet Puzzles, Number Puzzles and Clock Puzzles.


Our award-winning, handcrafted puzzles have been displayed at some of the most prominent art shows in the country, on TV talk shows, such as Fox and Friends 2013 Christmas Special and discussed on radio programs. But most importantly, our puzzles and stools have captured the hearts and minds of children of all ages across the country.

For more information or to view our catalog of name/theme puzzles and stools go to www.younameittoys.com:
Thank you,
You Name It Toys

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