Baby Girl Shower

Being a grandma is one of the real pleasures of growing old!  So when my daughter and daughter-in-law wanted to throw a shower at my house for the other daughter-in-law I joyfully got out the family heirlooms and became creative.  There is nothing like a new baby to bring out all the ‘cute’ you didn’t know you had stored up inside.  Being a designer of jewelry, I rarely am able to let the cute out.  It’s much more meaningful and expensive and people have a genuine connection with what they wear personally so I take it seriously.

This was an over-the-top pink experience, as we knew we were welcoming a little girl into the family.  What fun!  My daughter had seen a pin on Pinterest that showed how to make a pacifier out of balloons, so there it was, our first impression at the front door.   I found a very old linen pinafore in a trunk belonging to my grandmother and gently washed and ironed it crisp. I wish I knew who did the embroidery and sewing but that is a secret the trunk can’t tell.  I do know that I inherited the genes which program you to work with your hands, as my entire life has been an exploration of every imaginable type of needle work.  Right now I’m in the knitting season of life, a good thing when you have grand-babies.


Welcome2Going up the stairs to the living room are more pink pops on the landing, the ceiling and side table.





One of my favorite decorations were with heirloom handknit socks and sweaters.  How I wish I knew who made them, what decade they were lovingly knit, and for whom.  What a family treasure these pieces are.







I’m pretty sure that I must have worn this pink sweater, but maybe my mom had too?  My mom’s mom, Grandma C. was a wonderful and prolific knitter. I might be able to track down when the socks were made if I can locate old knitting patterns.  Anyway, my guess is the early 1900’s.  I’ll have to check when the first sewing machines were made as well and look at the stitching of the linens.

Off we go into the kitchen for the girlie cupcakes, multicolored macaroons and pink punch. By the way, this is my favorite pink sherbet punch for a baby shower. Make sure to check it out.






Because her nursery was a woodland them we added little animal candles.  After indulging in a few goodies, we played shower games and opened presents, which were held in another heirloom, the wooden cradle.  Again, I wish we knew who carved and built this beautiful piece.




CradleI had spent the summer knitting a stroller blanket and little animals in the colors of her room.  So fun, and what a great way to prepare for the coming of a new member of the family.  If you’re interested in the chevron quilt, this Purl Soho pattern can be downloaded for free on Ravelry.

ChevronBlankieThe Wee Woodland Wuzzies are available from from Barbara Prime at

There are so many things you can decorate with creatively, so look around your home and see what you can come up with that won’t cost you anything, and then add the rest of the festive touches.



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