Corned Beef Panini Recipe

In honor of the Irish, this unbeatable hot corned beef panini recipe takes only 10 minutes to make.  We’ve recently fallen in love with Boar’s Head products and wanted to try their corned beef to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day this weekend.  It was a good decision with a simple shopping list and easier recipe that was done in a snap.

Corned Beef Panini Ingredients

Ingredients for the Corned Beef Panini Recipe:

Boar’s Head Corned Beef, thinly sliced

Boar’s Head Sauerkraut

Marble Rye Bread

Kraft Thousand Island Dressing

Swiss cheese


To make:

Simpy butter the outsides of the marble rye and spread Kraft Thousand Island Dressing on the inside of the bread.



Layer lot’s of Boar’s Head Corned Beef, sliced swiss cheese and Boar’s Head Sauerkraut atop the Thousand Island dressing side of the marble rye.



Once assembled your sandwich is ready to toast on the Panini grill.  With the grill turned almost to hot, it only took a couple of minutes to be grilled to perfection, melted and gooey on the inside, crispy on the outside.  Dan is rather a connoisseur of the Reuben Sandwich and has ordered it on many an occasion. After his first bite, he was singing it’s praises and we knew we had another winner.  I really liked that the kraut was fresh tasting and packed in plastic so I could see what it looked like.






Fast and easy, that’s how it’s done.  Now it time to enjoy a St. Paddy’s Day favorite.

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