Behind the Scenes – Making the First Leviathan

Behind the Scenes – Making the First Leviathan

Thank you so much for all the support and votes that got the Leviathan into the quarter finals of the Boar’s Head Boldest Bracket Challenge. This is a great sandwich but we could not have gotten this far without your votes! So – Thank You! (We do need your help again on Tuesday March 25th)

Voting link for the Leviathan:

Back in January when we were first contacted about whether or not we would be interested in participating in the Boar’s Head Boldest Bracket Challenge, we really didn’t understand the time commitment this would entail. We were definitely familiar with Boar’s Head because honestly they are our favorite deli products.

Boar’s Head Display at our local retailer, Byerlys Food in Roseville, MN

After we read all the contest guidelines and saw that Boar’s Head was looking for the “boldest sandwich” made with their products we realized that this could not be your average lunch time sandwich you make day in and day out. I knew I was out of my league here so I delegated the sandwich design to my son Chris and his wife Sarah. Clearly they were the best choice for coming up with an original competitive entry for this challenge.

Laying out the ingredients for the Leviathan. Where to start?

After submitting ideas and recipes and finally photo’s of our sandwich we were notified that we made the Sweet Sixteen and would be competing in the March Madness challenge. The contest at this point is in your hands, the voting public.

We thought you might enjoy some outtakes and behind the scenes shots from our 4 hour cooking/photo session back on January 25th.

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What you are not seeing is that there are four kids 8 and under running around. My job was to keep them out of the pictures and out of the way of the creative types. Laurie took the photos of the guy taking the photos.


Crazy busy and noisey afternoon but when the photos were done we got to try our sandwich. It was really good. Here is a link to the original post with the recipe: Don’t forget to watch the video. Wild turkeys  and a hawk even made a cameo for us.


Thanks again for your support. Here is the Voting link for March 25th: 


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