Expert Tips on Choosing your Cruise

If you’ve decided to go on a cruise this year, you’ve made a great choice. Cruises are a wonderful way to view many different places, experience various cultures, and live in luxury, all the while travelling in the comfort of your ship. Plus, you only have to pack and unpack once, even though you’ll feel like you’ve visited a million different places! What more could you want? Cruising is the perfect way to satisfy your wanderlust; but just how do you select the perfect cruise? There are over 160 ships, and more than 7,500 itineraries – that’s a whole lot of choice! Here are some expert tips on choosing a cruise to suit your style:


Destination First, Ship Second

 First you should decide on the destination, and then the ship you’d like. You could select somewhere like the Caribbean, or even an unexpected place like Asia or South America. Once you know where you want to go, you can then start considering the specifics. Some cruises follow two different routes, which would you rather take? Narrow down all of your options to decide where you want to go and then take a look at cruise deals on this page.

When Should You Go?

Shoulder season can sometimes offer bargains, and even be better for you than cruising in the high season. This is because a mid fall day in the Mediterranean is going to be more comfortable for you than sweltering under the August heat. Look at when certain destinations get fewer visitors and you’ll find deals. Fewer people also means seeing more things up close and having facilities virtually to yourself, so you could end up having a much better time.

Which Line Should You Book?

You need to choose the cruise line and passengers that will best match your personality. This is very important for your first cruise, as it’ll greatly affect your experience. If your personality doesn’t match the line, then it’s unlikely you’ll want to cruise again. Some ships even offer themed cruises. Read reviews on different lines to see what you think will suit you!

The Size of The Ship

When it comes to your ship, size does matter. The size of the ship can affect the itinerary, and smaller ships can dock at smaller ports, offering a more personalised experience. However, the downside to travelling on a smaller ship is that the entertainment and dining options are more limited.

Cabin Type

You’ll need to consider your itinerary when deciding whether you need to reserve a balcony room. On some cruises, you’ll see nothing but the open ocean for a few days, so it won’t matter. However, on cruises to the Mediterranean for example, the views are one huge element of the trip. If you don’t want to miss any beautiful views, book in advance as early as possible to get your cabin of choice.

Now you can choose your cruise ship like an expert and have an amazing time on your first journey!


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