Robert Is Here … whoever Robert is.

Driving from Homestead to the Everglades National Park, you go through some farm country. On an otherwise nondescript turn along the way, you see great big signs “Robert Is Here.” I thought to myself, I bet that would mean a lot more to me if I knew who Robert was.  IMG_3707web IMG_3705webIMG_3717web IMG_3706web

After visiting, I still didn’t know how Robert was, but I do know I found a hopping little family owned farm and grocery. I walked around and had a chance to smell and try out some of the produce. It was very good. “Robert Is Here,” also had a bunch of honey; presumably from the bee hives in the middle of the nearby fields. I also saw some Jack Fruit, whatever that is. It looked interesting, and somebody told me it was a combination of pineapple and vanilla. Too bad I was leaving the next day, or I would have tried one and let you know what it was like.  IMG_3714web

If you are in more of a shopping mood, they had some little souvenirs, flowers, and some interesting looking orchids too. But heading out of the country the next day, I knew these were not good purchases for me this time.


Their malts were awesome and it was tough to narrow down the choices. All of the options were tropical and they were all fresh. I tried some of the Coconut and some Key Lime. Both were fantastic. I knew it was good because I ran into a volunteer at the Everglades Park that had taken my families picture at the Earnest Coe Visitors Center. He said this place is famous for its malts, and the line of locals and park volunteers would suggest he is right.  IMG_3708web

If you go to the southern entrance to the Everglades, this is worth a ten minute stop. Especially if you like fresh fruit. While you are waiting for the malts, take the kids in the back and see the animals. All in all, this is a fun little stop. It’s worth going to alone, but a great place to stretch tired legs and get out and explore on your way from Homestead to the Everglades.


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