DIY Raised Garden Beds

March 18, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

Growing season is creeping nearer, and we all are looking at our garden beds from last year in the harsh light of winters lack of plant cover…and possible being disappointed by their condition. Have you considered using raised beds this year? Raised…

Bundt Pan Pound Cake

March 16, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

Here is a slideshow of our Bundt Pan Pound Cake Recipe. For full details go to: [new_royalslider id=”31″]

Tomato DIY: Pruning and Trellises

March 16, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

This is the fifteenth in our biweekly series from Amy Pennington – urban farmer, founder of GoGo Green Garden, and author of Urban Pantry and Apartment Gardening – on how to start growing your own food, no matter how tiny your garden-to-be is. Today…

5 Things We Love About Spring

March 15, 2014 Dan Ashbach 1

Ok, first off, a disclaimer. This is not a DIY post, and if you are a fair weather gardener, maybe you will pass by this post and onto the projects. Fair enough. For those of you who consider yourself gardeners, in a nature loving, plant collecting,…

15 Ways to Travel for Free

March 13, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

Travel offers unique experiences. It opens your eyes to other cultures and broadens your worldview — and can also be very expensive. According to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. households spent, on average, a total of $1…

DIY Lighting: 46 Upcycled Lamp and Lighting Projects

March 13, 2014 Dan Ashbach 1

Need some lamp or lighting ideas? We have 46 DIY lighting projects that you’ll love! Lighting is essential to every single room in your home. It sets the mood and the atmosphere for that space. The problem? New lighting from big box stores can be…

Down & Dirty: Potatoes

March 13, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

Every week we get Down & Dirty, in which Nozlee Samadzadeh breaks down our favorite seasonal fruits, vegetables, and more by the numbers. The last time we talked about potatoes, Marian Bull helped us figure out how to match recipes to the potatoes that…