Shredded Beef Burrito Recipe


Feeding a crowd couldn’t be easier when you make this slow cooker beef burrito recipe with all the fixings and everyone gets to create their own favorite version.  Here is what you’ll need for the shredded beef and spicy sauce.

Beef Roast, any kind

1 Large Onion

4 Large Cloves Garlic

Salt & Pepper

2 c. water

vegetable oil

Today we’re shredding beef starting with browning the beef roast in oil on the stove .  Once you get a really nice crust on each side of the beef, transfer it to the crock pot.


Add chopped onion and cloves of pressed or chopped garlic in the beef drippings and oil, , and cook until tender and brown.


Cover the beef in the crockpot with the onion/garlic mixture and add a couple cups of water, seasoning with fresh ground salt & pepper.


Cover the crock pot and let it cook for 6 hours until tender.  When cooking is complete, remove the juices from the slow cooker and put them into a saucepan.  In the slow cooker, shred the tender beef with two forks.  To make the sauce add the following ingredients, stirring until thickened.  The amount of heat is up to you so add some spices, taste and add more if you’d like.

one can of fire roasted tomato sauce

2 T. of cornstarch,

Spice it up with chili powder, cumin, oregano, paprika, salt and pepper to taste.

Combine the sauce with the beef to serve.


Sauce to Beef

Gather all the fixings:

large tortillas, heated

rice with fresh lime juice and chopped cilantro

black beans

sour cream



grated cheese

chopped tomatoes




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