Give Your Living Room a Shabby Chic Makeover: Tips and Tricks

The shabby chic look is the perfect look for ladies who like a vintage, country, quirky look in their home. There are many different ways you can recreate this look and make it your own, and this post outlines plenty of ways in which you can do just that. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you create the shabby chic look you desire:



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Look for Real Vintage Style Accessories

The accessories you have in your living room can make a big difference when it comes to creating a shabby chic feel. Look for real vintage style accessories, from old battered books to antique looking photo frames. White bird cages, chandeliers, vases, and other vintage looking accessories all work too.

Use a Subdued, Neutral Palette

Sometimes, shabby chic doesn’t look so great when you mix a million different colours and shades. A subdued, neutral palette allows you to add in whatever accessories you like, and can be very versatile. Go for creams, whites, beiges, browns, and blacks. You can also add in splashes of pastel hues if you like.

Go for Comfort and Style

The furniture you select for your living room should be stylish and comfortable. Many people forget all about comfort when faced with a stylish piece of furniture, but shabby chic is all about having furniture you could literally sink into. Choose comfortable sofas, armchairs, and even beanbags to create this look.

Mix Patterns and Colours

Although we discussed using a subdued palette before, don’t worry if that’s not your style. Feel free to mix patterns and colours too, but try to keep them tied in together to avoid too much of a clash. Choose from any pastel/baby shades you like, and use patterns such as stripes, floral, stars, hearts, animals, and anything else you find cute.

French Furniture

French style furniture looks great in a shabby chic living room, so don’t hesitate to look at this kind of furniture when planning your room out. You can choose french cabinets, dressers, storage, or anything else you need to get the look you’re after.

TexturesDifferent textures instantly make a room look more interesting and cosy. Try silky, fluffy, smooth, bumpy, and more.


Shabby chic is all about a worn in, distressed feel. Why not go for a distressed looking floor so that it looks walked on? Or perhaps even a distressed looking coffee table? In some cases you can even do this to your own furniture by painting over it and then sanding it a little to make it look used.

Cottage/Country Style

Using cottage/country style accessories will give your living room a homely feel, which is another big theme in the Shabby Chic world. Try gingham patterns, glass bottles and jars as accessories, and dark wooden furniture to create this look.

If you love the shabby chic look, this is a great way to incorporate it into your very own living room. If you’re unsure of what to do from the list, take a look at inspiration online to see if you can recreate a look you love. Good luck!


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