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To “brabble” is to argue loudly about something inconsequential. But this site isn’t brabbling around. They have been quietly working for the last six months designing a new platform to reduce the distance between brands, influencers and bloggers and they are finding some real interest with all three. I spoke to “Bubba” (you can reach him at ) here’s what he had to say about the

Me: Why develop a new platform?

Happy Brabbler: It was really a pretty easy decision. I was a retailer for about 10 years and dealt with growing competition as the internet became a powerful tool for my customers. I knew I had to change or get lost in a new online world. This change forced me into growing a following on social media and to become a blogger. The problem with most networks today is they are designed by people who have not had experience in all three of these areas. I could have designed this platform so I make most of the profits, but the was designed as a partnership between bloggers, brands, and influencers. I would rather take a smaller piece of something much larger than to design something around myself. 

Much larger is exactly what he is thinking too. Happy Brabbler’s goal is to launch this summer with “50 awesome bloggers, Social Influence of 20,000,000, and 5 great brands.” That’s something to pay attention to.

Me: How far along are you to this goal?

Happy Brabbler:  Several large social media accounts have applied to promote content (including us by the way), dozens of bloggers to write content, and at least 5 national brands. “Interest and applications from all three groups keep growing daily. 

Me: You said your site was designed so everyone wins. Tell me why bloggers, influencers, and brands would want to work for you.

Happy Brabbler: First of all, visual media and great content is key to success. I think our users will be very happy with the front end look of our new site.

Let’s start with bloggers: I know many bloggers who are great bloggers, but the competition for traffic and ad revenue is fierce. They make next to nothing on really great content because they just don’t have the audience yet. We will set a very high standard for our content from bloggers, but once they meet that standard, they will enjoy being able to post content on our site and should get a huge exposure because of the relationship we have with social influencers. We know that when an influencer runs a campaign, only about 50% of the traffic will go through our site to the advertiser. Most of the rest pokes around and see’s what is on our site. This is where bloggers can pick up lots of traffic. Bloggers will also be able to participate in advertising campaigns and driving traffic to our brands as well. This is something that other platforms don’t really do and most bloggers don’t even know this profit center exists. Finally, we are setting up accounts for bloggers so that we share in some of our advertising. So if nothing else, by working with us, we will drive traffic to the bloggers, they get link backs, can participate in social campaigns, and can make some ad revenue. We are also working with brands to get promoted blogs, and sell ads on our blog partners sites. That is a pretty good deal. 

Influencers: Social media and influence is not going away. It is only going to get more important to brands as more people shop online, especially with mobile devices. I’m not trying to build the case for influencers, but rather make the case for this platform. We will be posting opportunities from brands for our influencers on the back end of our site. They can go in and accept opportunities that match their following. We know we have some very lucrative retailers that are offering huge commissions for affiliate sales as well as customers who just want more traffic. I would imagine some of our bloggers and influencers would want to work together. I know a very successful blogger that has an RPM of about $10 (that comes out to $.10 per pageview). Maybe they would be willing to hire one of our influencers to drive traffic at $.05 a referral? With our platform, we could track this and facilitate this growth. 

Brands: Our goal is to drive high-quality referrals to your site. We like to think of our process as one of trust and filter. First, by working with great bloggers, we incubate really high quality content to place your ad, product, or content in. Second, we use the power behind social networking to promote your content or product on our site. On social media, people choose to follow others who they trust. When we find an influencer that is a good match for your product, you get the advantage of the trust that influencer previously earned with your potential customer. Finally, after they are referred to our site, they see your product in a high end “neighborhood” of content. Only after this, do they click through to your site. This minimizes junk referrals like accidental clicks, and bounces because each referral on a social campaign affirmatively clicks your product twice to to get to you. 

The Happy Brabbler is an intriguing concept. If you are a blogger, an influencer, or a brand you should definitely check out

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