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Do you have a friend or family member having a new baby? Are you looking for a personalized mothers day gift? Do you need personalized bridesmaid’s gifts? The Birthstone Necklace by Arise Designs is a classy way to personalize a gift and give a piece of jewelry for any of these occasions. Go to the Etsy store!


Handmade by Laurie Ashbach of Arise Designs and cast in sterling silver, these personalized necklaces are custom made for you.

New Mothers love this gift. The lowercase initial and personalized Swarovski Crystal bead in the baby’s birthstone color is a precious reminder of their new bundle of joy. Mom’s love showing off their growing family when they go out. If you prefer, you can also choose to order blue for boy, or pink for girl.

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The Birthstone Necklace is also a great bridesmaids gift. I mean, what girl doesn’t love a necklace? Give your bridesmaids something they can wear after the wedding too. Personalize the gift with their initials and a coordinating crystal bead in the color of the wedding. It’s a gift that will last forever and remind them of their part in your special day.

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Don’t forget Mothers Day! Let your favorite Mom celebrate her day by wearing a piece of fine jewelry representing the very people who made her a mother. Regardless of her children’s ages, Mom’s love to wear their kid’s initials.

I asked Laurie what inspired this collection: “I wanted a line of really nice silver initials that looked hand-crafted. I took some simple design elements to make this collection and they turned out great. The size and weight are very comfortable to wear and we can keep them very affordable, especially when you consider we are using precious metals. These are not pewter or bronze. This is real sterling silver, and that is important because it keeps the integrity of the piece so it can be an heirloom you can pass down.”

Here’s a little glimpse behind the scenes at Laurie’s studio:

You can order from her Etsy store.

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