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This recipe combines two favorite comfort foods together and gives a recipe for homemade macaroni and cheese. You will find making macaroni and cheese from scratch is just as easy as the instant kind but will taste gourmet. I was going to put lobster in this but I had to cook for the kids the day I made this.

The only problem with this sandwich is that now when I ask my kids if they want grilled cheese or macaroni and cheese, they want both! Oh, well. Maybe I should just be happy they like my cooking.


1 cup macaroni noodles

2/3 cup pre-packaged shredded three cheese mix

2 tbsp butter

splash of milk

2 slices bread



1. Make your macaroni and cheese. Boil your noodles, drain and add the milk, a short half of the butter, and cheese. Stir until mixed. Yes, making macaroni and cheese from scratch is as easy as the box, and it’s a whole lot better.

2. Make the grilled cheese. Butter one side of the bread each. Make sure to sprinkle a little cheese on the bottom bun before adding the macaroni and cheese. This will help hold the sandwich together. Then, add your homemade macaroni and cheese in the middle. Sprinkle a little more cheese on top and add the second piece of bread. Cook until golden brown, flip, and cook again until the top is golden brown. Enjoy!

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