Preparation Is Everything. How To Get Your Room Ready For The Ultimate Design Scheme

The majority of first time buyers today are young people who enter their new homes with a grand vision of how the interior design will look, but with little knowledge of how to carry out the work. It is particularly problematic for those who are moving into an older property that may have been left to them as an inheritance, for example. These properties take much more work to turn them into a stylish boutique to suit the owner’s lifestyle.

If you are one of the people to which I am referring, it is lucky you came across this article. There is some valuable information here on how to prepare your rooms for the final decor which will bring them to life. The jobs here are pretty boring and monotonous, but it is the quality of this work that sets the quality of the finish that the world will see, so it is important to perform it to the best of your ability.


Before starting work, take a few minutes to inspect the exterior walls and skirting boards for any sign of damp. Damp walls will manifest as peeling paint or wallpaper; mold and crumbly plaster, or rotten and damp timber. Unfortunately, if you detect it at this early stage, there is little point in carrying on with this task until it is complete. Contact the experts for advice on damp proofing solutions for your home in Surrey. They will determine the cause of the damp and offer a suitable solution for it. The treatment may be cheap or expensive, but it is vital that the damp eradicated.


If the plaster is in terrible condition, repairing it is of little use. Remove it and employ a contractor to apply new when you are ready. Replastering obviously requires the removal of skirting boards and door frames, which are best refitted with new timber, If the walls are in pretty good condition, skimming them with a finish coat of plaster will give a perfect surface for decorating; a requirement for contemporary rooms.


If the woodwork is to remain in place, it must be sanded to a smooth finish and to remove the gloss sheen. Sanding gives it a key for new paint to stick to. Check for any gaps between the woodwork and walls, or in the corners where there are joints. If gaps are present, fill them with decorator’s caulking and smooth it off with a wet finger. The caulking will be ready to paint in about an hour. Undercoat all of the woodwork next to give a good quality base for new gloss paint.


If the ceiling is old and badly cracked, it is best that new plasterboard be applied over it and skimmed with finishing plaster.


After the woodwork is undercoated, and the walls and ceiling are perfectly smooth, it is time to think about decorating. Thanks to all of the hard work put into preparation, the room will be finished to a high standard, and none of the work carried out before will be apparent. Without it, however, the room would not be as attractive. Modern design schemes command a high quality finish, and now you know how to achieve it. Work to a high standard, and feel satisfied with a job well done.

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