Life Coaching: Change Your life For The Better By Converting Your Spare Room And Working From Home


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Finding a successful career where they can work from home has been a dream of most people ever since their first day at work. The rise of the internet has turned this dream into a reality for many and a possibility for millions of office based workers. The invention of the cloud and communication technology has enabled real time collaboration between colleagues, online applications, and virtual storage for documents. Wise people are beginning to use it to their advantage and cut business overheads dramatically as they seek to increase profit margins.

If converting a spare room into a study sparks your interest, you have come to the right place. There is some useful information here that will help you to create the perfect working environment that is conducive to efficient working. Read on and take what advice you need from it.


The room needs to look more like an office and less like a bedroom. To that end, paint the walls a single colour. There is no need to remove old wallpaper as long as it is still firmly stuck to the wall. The colour will depend on the style of study you envisage. It is to be a modern, cutting edge design, or will you opt for a more traditional study with sumptuous wood furniture and deep cushioned leather chairs? The former will make use of light coloured walls while the latter uses deep reds, greens, or blues to create a warm feeling.


Do not underestimate the lighting in the study; it is an important feature. There is a vast range of contemporary lighting for your home or office online and in shops. Modern LED bulbs that run cool have enabled designers to bring out space age fittings that the heat from other bulbs made impractical. Of course, in a traditional setting, table and desk lamps are appropriate.

Window Dressings

Natural light is best to work in but where computers are in use, it is essential that you can control it. Window blinds are better than curtains in offices, as they are so versatile. Venetian and vertical blinds so an amazing job at finely controlling the light throughout the day because of the way they operate.


Cloud based work requires certain equipment. Here is  basic list of what you will need.

  • Router. The house will probably already have a wireless router installed. Some people, I agree with them, prefer to run a network cable to the router to guarantee no interference with data transfer. Wireless signals are sometimes affected by external sources.
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Headset
  • Speakers
  • Telephone

The above will cost less than five hundred pounds in the beginning. Obviously, if your budget is healthy choose top of the range items which are more reliable.


It is probably cheapest to fit a study out in a modern style, thanks to the incredible flat packed products available from a Swedish giant who we shall not name. These superstores offer solutions for every room at very attractive prices.

High quality hardwood furniture for a traditional study is likely to cost a great deal more than modern items. That said; the quality is far superior, and it will last a lifetime.

If you are in any doubt about making a change and working from home, rest assured. It is the best way to improve your lifestyle and happiness in the twenty-first century. What does the future hold for office workers? Well, we have to wait and see, but is is sure to be exciting.

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