Essential Garden Upgrades For A Summer Of Fun And Entertainment


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Now the summer is upon us, anyone who hasn’t completed their garden upgrades has left it a little late to use them before the end of the good weather. Do not let that put you off though, any projects you complete this year will serve you well for many summers to come, so there is no excuse not to see them through to completion.

There are standard features in gardens that are easy to improve upon should you choose to. Others are not standard but give a touch of luxury and excitement to what may otherwise be an uninspiring place.

If you are looking for garden upgrade inspiration, there are some great ideas here that will get yours ready for a summer of fun and entertainment.

Renovate The Patio

If your decking is rotten, concrete slabs ugly, or stone slabs broken, rejuvenate your garden with a brand new patio. The patio is probably the place where you spend most of your time when relaxing outside, so it deserves some recognition. Here are a few ideas for renovating it.

  • Decking made from composite materials is almost as attractive as timber and has some advantages over wooden decking because it is low maintenance, does not crack or warp, will not rot, has a guarantee that lasts for decades, and is not as slippery as wood when it is wet. That said, nothing oozes quality like the beauty of real wood grain.
  • Contemporary gardens make great use of marble as a paving solution. It is likely to be an expensive option but some people think it is worth it.
  • Slate is a natural material that is both attractive and tough. It is becoming more popular in gardens these days because it is easy to clean after the winter and does not discolour with weathering.
  • Fit a dome over your seating area like those supplied by Great Aussie Patios in Maddington. These domes are actually very attractive canopies that enable you to stay outside when the blistering sun is at its highest, or if there is a sudden shower.

Build A Swimming Pool

Ask your children what feature they would like most in the garden, and they will choose a swimming pool. A reasonably sized pool is available for about fifteen thousand pounds. It will include all of the drainage and filtration systems to keep it healthy. Once the pool is installed, you garden will become a noisier, busier, happier place to be because your children will invite others from the neighbourhood around for a dip at every opportunity.

Install A Jacuzzi

While the kids are in the pool, treat the adults to a little sophisticated relaxation in a heated jacuzzi. They come as complete units that have varying seating capacity and a top of the range model for eight people will set you back about five thousand pounds. The water is heated, filtered, and even illuminated for use in the evenings.

Build A Barbeque

Statistics show that gas fired barbeques get more use than solid fuel models. Maybe this is because they are more convenient and easier to clean. Whatever the reason it has encouraged manufacturers to create some magnificent units for us to cook on. They now come with integral warming cupboards, gas rings, and rotisseries for roasting delicious chickens. Almost everything that you cook in the house is adaptable to barbeque methods.

Equipped with these ideas and a healthy budget, your garden will be a place that guests look forward to visiting. After all, what good is a garden without people? Most importantly, you will enjoy it too.

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