Healthy Chicken Wing Recipe

Healthy Chicken Wing Recipe

This article is a healthy chicken wing recipe made with Spiceé Gourmet Memphis Rub  and it is to die for. Spiceé Gourmet makes great craft cooking easy at home. Check out this great healthy chicken wing recipe.

I love chicken wings. They are fun to eat, easy to grill, and make a great appetizer, snack, or main course. But they are usually deep fried and smothered in salty sauces when you get them at restaurants. There is nothing necessarily wrong with that, but if you are more health conscience or want to make them at home, I have an easy healthy(er) chicken wing recipe:

Go to the store to buy some uncooked wings. Wings are usually less expensive than breasts too, which is nice. You can also use drumsticks and breasts if you like, but this healthy chicken wing recipe was really designed for wings.



Lay out the chicken on a baking sheet or another sheet where clean up is easy.

Coat the chicken with the Spiceé Gourmet Memphis Rub . Flip the raw chicken and cover the other side as well. The Memphis rub really helps make a nice cover to the chicken and will grill in just fine. You can see from the pictures below how we like to coat them. Of course, you can adjust this to your taste as well.


Start cooking the chicken on a hot grill. Flip them when the first side is golden brown.


When they are fully cooked, remove them and enjoy.

These really don’t need any sauces, but you could easily use blue cheese or ranch for dipping. Try this next time you are tailgating or have friends over for the big game. Also, for other flavors, try using some of the other Spiceé spices, blends and rubs. I would also suggest the Cajun, Red hot Rooster Rub, or the St. Louis Rub.


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