Secrets For Creating More Space In Your Home Without Breaking The Bank


Most people run out of space in their homes at some stage in their lives. It may only be a temporary problem until the children grow up and leave, but that seems to take a very long time. Lack of space can cause an increase in your stress levels that in the worst case scenario could lead to mental illness.

The obvious answer is to move to a bigger house or double the size of your existing one with a two story extension. Sadly, that is a very expensive undertaking. Let’s take a look at a few ways you could create more space in your home without breaking the bank.


A new conservatory will give you a much needed extra room for less than five thousand pounds. Of course, you can pay more but that is not the object of this exercise. Fitters do not need to intrude into the home, except for at the very end of the project when they may need to break through to fit a doorway. The biggest parts of the project are the groundworks, especially if you must move any services, and the walls. The framework comes in kit form and only takes a day or two to erect once the heavy building work is complete.

Loft Conversion

Consider extending upwards and making use of the space above your head. It will cost less than half that of a full home extension, and people often take out small home improvement loans to pay for it. There is much space up there to put to good use. Maybe you are in need of a hobby room, games room, observatory, or extra bedrooms.These conversions are increasing in their popularity because of the benefits they bring. Of course, you must weigh the balance between the space you will lose by installing a staircase, against that you will gain on the third floor.

Go Open Plan

Consult an architect with a view to making your home open plan. Don’t let your local jobbing builder come in and start demolishing walls without proper plans. Removing walls can be disastrous without a detailed survey and calculations. It doesn’t mean that you can’t remove a supporting wall, but rolled steel joists must be installed to bear the weight of the floor above. Even though you are not creating more space by opening up a home, it gives that impression.


Reclaim valuable space; undertake a decluttering exercise. The home has probably been filling up with bits and pieces for decades, but how much stuff have you taken out? You probably have no need for a lot of the furniture in your home. Sideboards and chests of drawers downstairs often become a place to stash junk that has no use. If there is an item you found no use for, in the last year, the chances are that you never will. Be strict when decluttering or there is no point to it.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make more room for yourself, think outside the box as they say. There is a solution for you if you are determined to find it.

Stunning photograph by Rodrigo Amorim

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