June is National Grilling Month


Did you know that June is National Grill Month! This is Chris from livedan330.com. I had the opportunity to hook up with Tony from Hammer Stahl Cutlery and negotiated a special deal for our readers. This would be a great opportunity for a fathers day gift ladies! But if you are reading this after Fathers Day, the special will be running as long as supplies last. 

So here’s the deal we got you:

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Here’s the thing, as a guy, I always have to grill. Promise me that for the hard work we did getting this awesome deal that you will do something for me. Fathers day is just around the corner, and you know what?! I think you should treat your hubby to a relaxing evening and you can grill for him. You don’t know how to grill you say?  No problem!!!!! That is why we are writing this blog post. Here are a few tips and three extremely easy recipes brought to you by livedan330.com and Hammer Stahl Cutlery. 


Grilling is easy, healthy, safe, and a great way to get outside. Today, we went to Tony Schmidt Park, in Arden Hills, MN to show you a few tips to make your grilling great. Parks are a great place to grill. I know my kids love to play on the beach and playground and that give my wife and I a little adult time (kind of) without having to find baby sitters. 

Just like home, a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. To get started grilling, cleaning out your grill. Get rid of any excess charcoal ash or old burnt food that fell through the grill. You don’t want your nice steak to taste like someones else’s burnt hot dogs. 


After your grill is clean, start the charcoal. There are several ways to start charcoal and many people use lighter fluid. I don’t personally like that as much. Why would you spill gas where you are about to cook?  I’m sure it is safe, but I just think it gets gross. Instead, try a charcoal chimney. There are several good brands out there and you can usually find them at Target, Walmart, or other store relatively cheaply. To use a charcoal chimney, all you do is crumple a piece of newspaper and place it in the lower chamber of the chimney. Fill the top with your charcoal and light the paper. Allow it to burn for 10 minutes or so (by the way, this is a great time to get your hubby a beer … or tea). If you are buying charcoal, get natural charcoal. It has fewer chemicals in it. 




Now to start cooking. . .  Dump out your charcoal from the chimney and spread it out below the grill. Let the grill heat up and burn off any food stuck to it. Then use a wire brush to scrape it clean. Start with tube steaks (hot dogs) for the kids to get them out of your hair. 


After the kids are taken care of, we can get down to business. Today we grilled a top sirloin and a porterhouse steak. Both are great steaks. I am sure you already have your favorite and it will be a great choice too. A steak that is one inch thick will take approximately 5 minutes on each side to cook.



To make the cross pattern on the meat, turn it 40 degrees about half way through on each side. I flip the steak when I start to see blood coming out of the top. This is usually a good indicator. You can also tell how cooked the steak is by it’s firmness when you poke it. But if you are not comfortable cooking this way, use a thermometer to check the internal temperature. A medium steak will be 140 degrees, and a well done steak will be 160. 


Next up, we made some beer brats. Buy uncooked bratwurst from your local store or butcher. My personal favorite is Johnsonville Brats. Any butcher will have great meat as well. Simply boil some beer in a large pot and cook the bratwurst in it. Don’t bother with your hubbies best beer. Use the cheap stuff for this. Then, transfer the now-cooked brats to a grill and brown them turning to brown both sides. 

IMG_6877web IMG_6879web

Finally, we made some Swordfish. Swordfish is a firm, white fish that is fairly inexpensive. Do NOT eat swordfish uncooked. It is not sushi grade and needs to be fully cooked. There are many recipes for grilling fish and any one that has a hard white fish will work fine. Try making some mango salsa for a topping if you want, but swordfish is good enough to stand alone as a steak too. Take your swordfish steak and place it over the hot coals. As it cooks, you will see fat and a tiny amount of blood east out the sides and top of the fillet. It is time to flip the steak when you see this. Continue cooking the other side until finished. This should be 145 degrees or when the meat flakes apart easily with a fork. 

IMG_6882web IMG_6883web

Well, there you have it. We showed you some grilling tips and gave you three simple recipes for making a great steak, bratwurst, and swordfish. Now it’s time to impress your guy on fathers day. If you are worried about burning your food, it’s ok. Because with good knives, nobody will know the difference anyway. 

Make sure to take advantage of the awesome deal we got for you too! These steak knives are top of the line. I know your husband or boyfriend will love them. 

Happy Fathers Day!


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