The Secrets To Modern Showroom Interior Design


If you’ve spent the last few months less than satisfied with the general aesthetics inside your home, it might be time you took the bull by the horns and started making some changes. Unfortunately, this can be tricky if you have no experience in interior design and you don’t consider yourself to be a creative person. However, anyone can achieve an amazing showroom-style effect if they simply perform some basic research and follow the right advice. Considering all that, I’m going to take a few moments out of my busy schedule this afternoon to explain what you can do to help realise your dreams.

Why am I such an expert on the subject? That’s a good question well put. In truth, I’ve worked for a large housing company for the last twenty years, and my area of expertise is showrooms. You didn’t think they looked that fantastic on their own did you? I spend a lot of time working on the designs to ensure they look as luxurious as possible. That way; more people are likely to make an offer. I’m very good at this job, which is why the company has kept me for so long.

Now that’s out of the way, here are some ideas that might help…

Keep it simple

The first rule of interior design is simplicity. While you might be tempted to buy lots of expensive fittings and accessories, for the best luck, all you need to do is free up some room. Sure, an attractive suite in your living room might help to make the place look a bit cooler, but you should focus your efforts more on creating an open plan design with lots of floor space.

Concentrate on the most important rooms

While your hallways can help to create the look you desire, most of you will be on a tight budget and so opting to concentrate on the lounge, bathroom and kitchen is sensible. In your lounge, fitting large mirrors to the wall can help to make the room appear larger. In your kitchen, getting some marble worksurfaces can make all the difference, and in your bathroom, installing one of the most expensive complete bathroom suites you can afford is a wise move. Also, it’s worth getting some good quality fixtures and fittings as they look better and last longer.

Think about lighting

Even the smallest, most depressing space in the world can be improved through the use of proper lighting. There are lots of guides online explaining how you can achieve the look you require, and so taking a few moments to read through them now is a good idea. In most instances, you should avoid traditional light fittings and opt for something more adjustable like spotlights with a dimmer or even lots of table lamps. That way; you can alter the atmosphere and mood in your home whenever you want.

Thanks for reading through this post folks, it means a lot to know I can be of some use to you. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or you’d like any further information.

See you next time!

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