A Rest Stop In South Dakota

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When driving from Minnesota on I-90 into South Dakota, literally the first thing you will see inside Iowa is a rest stop. The building itself isn’t much to look at, but the staff and the information inside is more than worth a quick stop. 


This is our first trip through South Dakota and a lady working the rest stop was more than happy to talk to my kids and I about what we wanted to do. She really did a nice job of filling my kids with fun activities and my car with brochures. It sure helps to do a road trip when the little ones are excited to make the upcoming stops. 


Being 2, 4, 6, and 8, it is still a big deal to cross a boundary like the Minnesota and South Dakota border. We missed the actual marker designating a boundary, but we did look up the border on our phone and it was a small dirt road just back from where we came from. We walked through a huge are designated for pets to get some exercise and found the road … only one soy bean field away. Here’s a picture: You can see the road running across the image through the rolling hills. 


You could easily plan on this rest stop as a place for lunch. The picnic area was clean and felt very safe for a family. Inside, the restrooms were in great shape as well. Plus, there is a cool sculpture that seems to be at all of the rest areas; a giant teepee. IMG_8097web

Even if you just need to pick up a map, this is a wonderful and quick stop that is very convenient as you are entering South Dakota from Minnesota on I-90.



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