4th of July Recipes and More

The 4th of July. The most American and patriotic of all holidays in the US. Sometimes we forget that it is more than a day off work or a BBQ with friends and family and of course fireworks.

From our humble beginning 238 years ago, we have grown from a nation of 2.3 million people to a nation of over 318 million. It is amazing to me to reflect on the changes I have seen in my lifetime. I’m old (not that old), the advances in technology and other fields are mind boggling.

As an example of how fast things change I will tell you a quick story of a friend of mine from work. We were riding the crew bus from our layover hotel in Narita, Japan to the airport to head to far off destinations in different directions a few years ago.  He was about to take the last flight of his career. In a couple of days he would reach the mandatory retirement age at the time. He shared with me some interesting facts of his time flying airplanes for a living. He started his airline flying career as a DC-3 first officer. He was about to retire as a 747-400 captain. Over a long career he saw the changes in aviation first hand flying piston driven aircraft to turbo props on to several generations of jets and ending as a jumbo jet captain. His birthday marking his mandatory retirement happened to be the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight. As an additional coincidence, my friends family was in the bicycle business. I have thought of my friends story many times since that day wishing the bus ride to the airport was longer so I could hear more. Better yet, it would have been an honor to work with him on his last flight.

So this year as you celebrate the Fourth of July, take a moment to reflect on where this nation came from and where we are going.

Here are some recipes that we think you will enjoy as you celebrate this great nation of ours.

Our first offering is a combination decoration and snack perfect for the 4th of July. It comes to us from Mom on Timeout.com


Here is the recipe.

This next recipe is awesome. It is also a bit complicated and will take you some time. If you want to try this, read the whole recipe and plan accordingly. This comes to us from Sugar Hero.com


Here is the recipe.

OK. That last one maybe was a bit much for a lot of us.The Sisters Cafe.com offers us their twist on Patriotic Strawberries.


Here are the directions.

Here is a quick and easy 4th of July treat. This comes to us from Real Food by Dad.com.


Here is the recipe.

Here’s a a little less intense but great looking cake from Askanam.com.


Here is the recipe.

How about this colorful drink from The Cook BK.com


Here is the recipe.

What’s better on a hot 4th of July than cool patriotic treat. This comes from the View from Great Island.com


Here is the recipe.

How about this patriotic trifle by Lina at Fancy Frugal Life.com


Here is the recipe.

Sheryl from the Lady Behind the Curtain offers us these great looking Celebration Pretzel Sticks.


Here is the Recipe.

How about a patriotic salad? This red white and blueberry salad is from Shared Appetite.com


Here’s the recipe.

Mason Jar Crafts Love.com came up with this patriotic way to set out your 4th of July eating utensils.


See the original post here.

Looking for a decorating idea for your 4th of July get together? This pallet flag is from Craft Yourself.com


Check out the original blog post for directions.

Do you have a favorite 4th of July recipe or craft? We would love to hear from you. Send us a comment.

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