Shoshone National Forest

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The Shoshone National Forest is a mountainous and wooded wilderness adjacent to Yellowstone National Park to the East. It is easiest to access this forest from Cody, WY. I would imagine that many visitors to Yellowstone don’t even realize they are in this park when coming or going via Cody. But, the Shoshone National Forest was the first national forest in the United States!


Set aside in 1891 as part of the Yellowstone Timberland Reserve, the Shoshone National Forest consists of sagebrush flats and rugged mountains that cover 2.4 million acres of land. The park boasts 1389 miles of non motorized trails, 306 miles of snowmobile trails, as well as abundant cross country trails and other recreational opportunities.


Like most of the rocky mountains, this park had a lot to offer drivers as you travelled though it.


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