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320 ranch sign
320 ranch sign

The 320 Ranch is a dude ranch about 15 miles from Big Sky, Montana. Once a week they host the famous 320 ranch pig roast. We brought the family because we thought it is good food they will eat in an interesting atmosphere. When we arrived at 320 Ranch, we heard live music and found a small creek that ran through the eating area that was a tributary to the Gallatin River, horses, and everything else you would expect at a dude ranch. 


The 320 Ranch itself is a historical Montana ranch founded in 1898 and carries a rich history forward to today. Visitors can now take horseback rides, learn to fly fish, or explore the Gallatin National Forest through a trailhead that butts up to their property.IMG_0134web

After parking, you walk up to a building  that has a bar, pool hall, and indoor seating. It was kind of a cool little building. You purchase your tickets for the 320 Ranch pig roast, go through the line, and pick your your seating. We settled up to picnic table and got the kids through the line. I thought the food was great, but, well, as luck would have it, none of the kids would eat the pork. 

pig roast

So instead, Johnnie made up his own sandwich he called the “I Don’t Like The Pig Roast …  Cookie Sandwich.”

Here are Johnnie’s Directions: First, take a bun and butter it.


Second, place a cookie inside.


Third, eat the sandwich. Yum. 


Whatever … We were all too tired to care at this point. 

I thought the 320 Ranch pig roast was great. It was a nice setting and the kids did have fun watching the river, petting horses, and trying to lasso a metal cow. If you are looking for an easy evening outside in the Big Sky area, you can enjoy yourself at 320 Ranch. 


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