Day 7: Big Sky

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We are on an all-American road trip through the West. This was our second day in Big Sky, Montana The group broke up a bit and we each did something different. I took the morning to my self and hired a guide to teach me how to fly fish for trout in the local rivers. 

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In Montana, you can purchase a two day fishing license. I bought a license, hired a guide, and set out for the Gallatin River near Big Sky. With the help of a guide, I caught dozens of fish (all catch and release) during a four hour float down the river. Later that night I found one we got to eat later. 

We did some more hiking, and explored the Meadow City Center and the Town Center. Guess what I found!   A local microbrewery! We may just have to visit and do a post. It’s a tough job …


After a home made dinner at the condo, the kids went to bed, the grandparents watched a movie, and I went fishing. It turns out that fishing is a little bit harder on your own when you are newbie. Still caught some fish, but it is a little more challenging when you don’t have an expert helping you. I know I found them because I could see some rise to surface and every once in a while swim by my feet. 

I was finally converting the pools into strikes and fish on when the shadow of the mountain crossed the river and it got dark. All the other fisherman left and the fish completely stopped biting. 


Well, so much for getting rest. The family got out and did some serious exploring of the Big Sky area. I fished from sun up to sun down. But, we all had a great day and are looking forward to another. 

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