Cedar Mountain Corral

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cedar mountain corral

In Big Sky, you are in cowboy country Montana. There is no shortage of horses around. So how do you pick a place to ride? You ask a local. We were told to go to Cedar Mountain Corral in the Moonlight Basin area of Big Sky (www.bigskyhorseback.com).

This is Michelle Row of Cedar Mountain Corrals. This view, the horses and the friendly face is what you can expect when you visit. 

These rides are the highest rides in Big Sky and as a rider you can appreciate the varied terrain and views that come with that elevation. However, don’t expect to see a large ranch. The site is a leased sight that has a check in and a corral. This was perfectly fine for someone who is looking for a ride. We were’t expecting to see a large manicured ranch, if that is what you are looking for, look around. But if you want a great ride with friendly and experienced staff, this is the place to be. 

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If you are not into riding a horse yourself, you can also take a carriage ride. Cedar Mountain Corral offers elegant horse-drawn services including carriages, hay wagons and stage coaches. 

carriage at cedar mountain corral

Sarah told me the guides on her ride were experienced and knowledgeable about the area. They were really great working with our 8-year old daughter who is totally a beginner. Even though the ride was at a beginner pace, they got to do some really fun things and enjoyed the variety of terrain and wonderful sites. 


Next time we come to Big Sky, when the kids are a little older, I think we will do a dinner ride. Every Friday and Saturday night Cedar Mountain Corral offers a ride with a stop for flat iron steaks, corn on the cob, baked potato, cowboy baked beans, biscuits and a “fire apple” dessert. This would make for a really cool night out with the family!


If you are looking for a horse ride in Big Sky, we totally recommend Cedar Mountain Corral. You can email them at cedarmtnrides@hotmail.com for reservations. 

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