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Bathrooms undergo miraculous transformations when expert designers set to work on them. You don’t need a designer to create a luxurious room for you. Visit the showrooms to see what is on offer. It won’t take long with your research and the top tips here, to build the room of your dreams. Here are some ideas you must know, and basic installation guide to help you with your project.

The Suite

Who ever said that a bathroom should have only one bath? If the space is large enough, install two tubs so that you and your partner can bathe together in style. Some people sacrifice the shower cubicle to fit in an extra tub. Others swap the bathroom with a bedroom to gain more space. Whatever you do; two tubs are better than one. You will be the envy of your friends too; how many of them have a double bathroom? Few, if any I would imagine.

Of course, your room must have unique vanities too. Modern units come in a myriad of designs, and it is a great opportunity to introduce some individuality to the room. Twin units are a rule these days.

If you still have space for a shower, make it a double unit. There is no point in squeezing into a single cubicle if you don’t need to.


The bathroom will benefit from as much natural light as possible. You might need to enlarge a window, or fit a skylight. Don’t underestimate the benefit of daylight here. It is best to use LED lights for the evenings. Modern LED bulbs are the product of the future and will replace all other forms of lighting within the next ten years. It is safe to use in bathrooms because it runs on low voltage. There is a fitting for every application from ceiling to floor. The lighting sets the mood of the room, so what is a functional space in the daytime can become a luxurious haven in the evenings.


Most modern bathrooms come with tiles on the floor. They can be chilly underfoot sometimes, so think about using laminate instead. Laminate comes in tiled effect that is ideally suited to bathrooms and kitchens.


There is no compromise with bathroom walls these days; they must be tile. The tiles can make or break a design, so choose wisely. Most people are using stone effect patterns or solid colours. Jet black is en vogue at the moment. If you do not apply the tiles to a professional standard, the rooms will look cheap. Hire an expert tiler to do the job if you are not one hundred percent confident in your abilities.


You have gone to much trouble to create an attractive space. Don’t spoil it with cheap taps or other hardware. Shop around until you find the best ones for your room. There are even taps that have LED lighting in to make it appear as if coloured water is coming out of it.

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I hope you find my ideas interesting. They are finding their way into mainstream design now, so when you see them in use, you know who to thank. I hope your renovation goes well.


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