A Night at Old Faithful Inn

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If you don’t have the opportunity to stay a night in the Old Faithful Inn, you need to at least visit it when you go to Old Faithful. 


The Old Faithful Inn was built in the early 1900’s and welcomed it’s first guest June 1, 1904. It is the largest log cabin in the world and has survived earthquakes, brutal winters, blazing sun, and the wildfires of 1988. 


Old Faithful Inn was designed by Rober Reamer when he was in his 20’s. The main lobby towers 76 feet above your head. The pine logs were cut from an area four miles south of the inn, and the 500 tons of rock that makes the fireplace was quarried five miles away. After the original building was completed, Reamer designed the East wing in 1913 and the West Wing in 1927. 


Most of the information above came from a brochure “Old Faithful Inn” by Yellowstone National Park Lodges: Experience Xanterra at the Old Faithful Inn. You can learn more at their website www.yellowstonenationalparklodges.com.


Today, above the third level, the loft areas are closed due to the 7.5 magnitude earthquake that stuck the park. If you really want to go up to the area, you are allowed to take a park ranger as an escort. 


From the moment you drive up to the front door, you can tell the Old Faithful Inn makes use of its location next to the Old Faithful Geyser. The grand entrance to the building is set 90 degrees from the fountain so as you rive up, you are looking at the geyser framed by the patio above and the massive entrance to the lobby on your right.  There are several little decks, patio’s and viewing areas throughout the inn that you can get a semi-private area to enjoy Old Faithful. 


Throughout the day, the Old Faithful Inn has regular historical programs led by rangers. In the evenings, visitors can enjoy live fiddle and piano music. It is hard not to imagine yourself being a pioneer walking into what must have seemed like a palace of civilization at the inn one hundred years ago.  


In the evening, visitors are welcome to enjoy dinner in the main dining room. There is plenty of seating for everyone and they offer a good variety of food. Plus the staff is very kind and great with kids. One of the nice things about the Old Faithful Inn is that the staff is there because they are passionate about the place, which offers guests a wonderful experience. 

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