Firehole Lake Drive

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This isn’t some kind of joke. It really is named Firehole Lake Drive. Well, actually for anyone who travels with kids, you know all too well that anything can be a fart joke. But, when you are in a geyser area watching bubbles come from a  hole in the ground that smells like sulphur and then suddenly bursts a jet of water strait up in the air, you just can’t get mad at them for the potty talk.

Firehole Lake Drive is well worth it. It is a short one way that starts on the south and ends just a little further north right by the Lower Geyser Basin Fountain Paint Pot. Along the drive you will see several springs, mud pots, and even a cone geyser. 

The first things you will pass is Firehole Spring. Here’s what you will see:

firehole spring IMG_0749web IMG_0756web

Continuing on, you will pass by Surprise Pool and the Great Fountain Geyser. And, yes, it was hot blue water with a very colorful bacteria mat flowing out of it.

surprise pool firehole lake drive IMG_0764web

Our favorite part of this road was the White Dome Geyser. It looked just like an elementary school volcano project complete with bad colors and sloppy craftsmanship. But this was all natural. Just as were leaving it decided to give us a show. We thought it was pretty cool how the water just shoots right out of the top of the cone.

white dome geyser IMG_0782web

One of the things that surprised us most about Yellowstone National Park was the amount of water flowering around. It seemed like everywhere you went, there were either rivers, waterfalls, or oozing water from holes in the ground. Firehole Lake Drive was no exception to this. 

IMG_0786web IMG_0787web

This was another quick and easy side trip off of the main roads and worth taking a few minutes to do it. 

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