Jackson Lake Lodge

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Jackson Lake Lodge was put on our “must see” list by several people who were familiar with the Grand Teton National Park. But driving into the lodge was nothing special. Even when we pulled up to the building I was dumbfounded why so many people told us to visit. We went in anyway. A typical very nice hotel entryway met us with smiling faces from staff. We continued strait ahead up a large set of stairs.

jackson lake lodge sign

What we saw and heard was breathtaking! By the time you got to the top of the stairs, you didn’t even know what to do. Strait ahead was the Grand Tetons perfectly framed in a great ballrooms glass windows. But it was the large orchestra that was playing that added to the immensity of the moment. We just stood there unable to gain our conscience for about five minutes while our brains were trying to take it all in. By the time we regained our bearings. We laughed at all of the other guest walking up the stairs as they zombified. Several people in the room had tears in their eyes as I looked around more. 


We continued to explore the resort and found a nice formal dining room overlooking the mountains. Next to the restaurant, was a diner. 

jackson lake lodgeweb

Out back, there was huge patio where guests can enjoy the mountains across a lowland area with Jackson Lake in the foreground. 


Before you go, you also have the opportunity to do some shopping at Jackson Lake Lodge. They had a nice gift shop with Native American relics as well as fine art and sculpture. If you are looking for something as a keepsake, you can stop at The Teton Shop where they sell logo apparel. 


The advise I got was correct. Jackson Lake Lodge is a must stop destination when you visit the Grand Teton National Park. You won’t be disappointed you did. 



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