South Entrance of Yellowstone

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It was finally time to say goodbye to Yellowstone National Park. One more day would have been perfect, but we had more places to go. This post is on the South Entrance to Yellowstone.


There are a couple of place worth stopping on the South Entrance to Yellowstone. If you are entering the park, you will be coming from the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Highwy from Grand Teton National Park. The entrance is at an elevation of 6,886 feet and is slightly less mountainy than the East Entrance. The route follows the Snake River to Lewis Lake then crosses the continental divide at nearly 8,000 feet to descend to West Thumb.

But before you enter West Thumb, you will drive by Moose Falls, and Lewis Falls coming out of Lewis Lake. Both are beautiful and worth a quick stop. But don’t spend all of your time there. Lewis lake is also a gorgeous mountain lake. We saw a couple of fishing boats and presume they were fishing for Walleye based on the equipment we saw.


West Thumb has a geyser basin and a visitors center and is near Grant Village. These locations are right on the shoreline of Yellowstone Lake. We didn’t stop at West Thumb, but the location is intriguing.

If you head toward Old Faithful, you will cross the continental divide two more times. There is one stop that is worth making before you get to Old Faithful from West Thumb. It is Isa Lake.

Isa Lake isn’t that impressive by itself until you read about the lake. It is significant because it straddles the continental divide and has two outlets, one each side. This means the water flowing out of it goes to both the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico! Pretty cool fun fact if nothing else. It is kind of a weedy lake and lots of leeches. I caught one to show some other visitors who were freaking out about them. It was all kind of funny.

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